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February 07, 2024

Here at Nela Rd. we are constantly expanding communities served throughout the greater Los Angeles area. 

From our beginning in Highland Park our goal was to provide people of the Pasadena area with a safe, clean, extensive collection of Cannabis products. With knowledgeable staff and premium THC products we quickly become a local institution for cannabis enthusiasts. 

With new physical locations opening all the time we hope to see you soon. 

Highland Park Dispensary

Pasadena Dispensary

The original and flagship store of the Nela Rd. brand. Here in Highland Park you can find our extensive collection of premium THC products including: Premium Flower, Edibles – with Vegan options, Concentrates and all the accessories you need to get a premium smoke going. 

Stepping into Nela Rd. is like stepping into Pasadena’s vibrant culture, valuable traditions, upstanding community values, and a commitment to quality.

Eagle Rock Dispensary

Alhambra Dispensary

Situated strategically between Highland Park and Pasadena, Eagle Rock is a beautiful neighbourhood with a rich and vibrant history. Many cannabis enthusiasts are happy to make the short drive to our physical location to get the best products available. 

Nela Rd. prides ourselves on offering a diverse range of cannabis products.

Our connection to Alhambra is not just about business; it’s about enriching the community we love

Los Feliz Dispensary - Coming Soon

In early 2024 we hope to launch our second physical location to help serve our numerous communities that have showed us so much love. 

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