Highland Park Premium Cannabis Dispensary

Welcome to Nela Rd. Highland Park's Premium Cannabis Dispensary. We strive to offer our customers the best Cannabis experience, offering high-grade flower, concentrates and edibles from your top producers.

Premium and Specialty Cannabis

In the vibrant neighbourhood of Northeast Los Angeles, where urban vitality meets cultural richness, a Highland Park Premium Cannabis Dispensary shines as a beacon for cannabis connoisseurs. Born from a profound appreciation for the cannabis flower's natural potency, our dispensary, Nela Rd. offers more than just products; it's an experience, a journey, a legacy.

Los Angeles is full of stories, and so are we. Our Highland Park Cannabis Dispensary invites you to be a part of our story, to experience Marijuana like never before, and to embrace luxury in its purest form. The rich tapestry of our premium offerings owes itself to our seasoned management team. With three years in the dynamic world of cannabis and our expertise in high-volume retail, we've crafted an offering that promises consistency, quality, and a luxurious experience every single time.

Nela Rd. Dispensary

Find us at 5839 York Blvd. Highland Park L.A. Nela Rd. Dispensary is a safe, clean environment designed to put visitors at ease the moment they walk in and are greeted by our friendly staff.
Knowledgeable Staff
1st Time? Connoisseur? Our staff can help you find the perfect product to match your desired experience. Pre-roll for a party? Tasty Terpene Shatter to impress the group? Or maybe you want a subtle edible to take the edge off a hard day.
We Care about Highland Park and offer an inclusive, safe-space for all. Some of the brands we carry are local social equity brands in the cannabis industry that we feel are worthy of the cause.
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