What Makes Premium Cannabis, Premium?

October 27, 2023


Consumer expectations for their purchases are sky-high these days, and the term “premium” is not just a buzzword but a necessity, especially when it comes to cannabis. For the discerning consumer, only the best will do. But what sets premium cannabis apart from the rest?

The Quest for Quality

The cannabis market has come a long way from shady transactions and low-quality products. Today, consumers are more educated and demand the best. Here at Nela Rd., Highland Park’s go-to marijuana dispensary, the modern cannabis consumer is looking for more than a quick high. They seek premium cannabis flowers, vapes, concentrates, and edibles. Nela Rd. Cannabis dispensary is one of the few dispensary’s in L.A. to offer a wide variety of vegan edibles and sources products from socially-conscious producers.

Defining ‘Premium’

So, what does “premium” mean in the context of cannabis? It’s not just a label slapped onto any product; it’s a standard encompassing a range of factors, from genetics and cultivation to harvesting and storage.

Key Factors that Make Cannabis Premium

Genetics and Strains

The foundation of any premium cannabis product lies in its genetics. Strains that are genetically engineered for potency and a rich flavor profile offer a superior experience that is second to none. Breeders invest years of research and selective breeding to create strains that deliver a potent high and provide medicinal benefits as well.

Cultivation Methods

The way cannabis is grown plays a significant role in its quality. Organic farming techniques and controlled environments ensure that the plant grows in optimal conditions, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. This not only enhances the flavor but also ensures that you’re consuming a clean product. Sustainable farming practices are also becoming a standard in premium cannabis cultivation, aligning with the socially conscious values of today’s consumers.

Harvesting Techniques

The timing and method of harvesting are crucial. Cannabis that is harvested too early or too late can lose its potency and flavor. Proper harvesting techniques ensure that the plant’s essential oils and cannabinoids are preserved, offering a richer experience. The best producers combine traditional methods and modern technology to achieve the perfect harvest.

Curing and Storage

Premium Cannabis Proper Storage

After harvesting, the cannabis goes through a curing process to develop its flavors and aromas. Proper curing and storage conditions, such as controlled temperature and humidity, are essential for maintaining the product’s premium quality. The curing process is often overlooked but is vital in preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to the overall experience.

The Experience

When all these factors align perfectly, the result is an unparalleled cannabis experience. The flavors are richer, the high is smoother, and the overall experience leaves you wanting more.

Where to Find Premium Cannabis

If you’re in Highland Park or surrounding areas, Nela Rd. is your go-to destination for premium cannabis. They offer a wide range of products that meet the highest quality standards. Click here to explore their Premium Cannabis offerings and elevate your cannabis journey.

The Allure of Premium Marijuana Flower

There’s something uniquely appealing about Premium Marijuana Flower. Whether it’s the rich aroma, the dense buds, or the high THC content, these premium flowers offer an experience that’s in a league of their own. It’s not just about getting high; it’s about enjoying a full-bodied, multi-sensory experience.


In summary, premium cannabis is not just a product; it’s an experience. And for those who seek the best, settling for anything less is not an option. It’s about quality, experience, and a commitment to excellence that discerning consumers will not compromise on. Ready to elevate your cannabis journey? Don’t settle for less; choose a premium experience. Choose Nela Rd.

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